Why cloud testing?

1. What is the cloud testing?
Testing on the cloud not locally. Clearly saying that , the test generator are from the internet not in our local lab.
2. Some company provide the testing service , so we just need buy the service to build our testing on the cloud.
3. The cloud testing is so hot now, but we should know , they just moved the testing software on the internet. And do you know his advantages and disadvantages?

From my side , the cloud testing is just a alternative option for the tradional testing. Testing service (SAaS) is a software. Like selenium , it’s a software also. They are both software, just pre one is service , and selenium is a plugin-software. We don’t have to choose cloud testing.

Now in the world , it’s the world of the service business. We can use the desktop software to do something, also we can use the saas to do the samething. The service won’t be trusted all the time, but we can trust ourself.

4. If the cloud testing service and a testing software have the same maturity and the same good features. Which do you choose ?

The inexpensive one!

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