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Dear Google App Engine Application Administrator,

In May at Google I/O we announced that Google App Engine would be leaving Preview status later this year. As part of Google’s long-term commitment to App Engine, we are also updating our policies, pricing and support model to reflect its status as a fully supported Google product. We plan to roll this out in the second half of September but we wanted to let you know what this will mean for you and your App Engine applications. Please be aware that the timeline may change, but you can keep up to date on our progress on the App Engine blog. We plan to send a second email once the new pricing is in effect.

For all paid applications using the High Replication Datastore (HRD), we will be introducing a new 99.95% uptime SLA. The current draft form of the SLA can be found at For apps not using HRD, we will also soon release a tool that will assist with the migration from Master/Slave (M/S) to HRD (you can sign up to be in the Trusted Tester for the tool here: We would like to emphasize that the SLA only applies to applications that have both signed up to be a paid App and use the HRD Datastore.
App Engine has a 3 year deprecation policy. This policy applies to the entire App Engine platform with the exception of “trusted tester” and “experimental” APIs. This is intended to allow you to develop your app with confidence knowing that you will have sufficient notice if we plan to make any backward-incompatible API changes that will impact your application.
We will be updating the Terms of Service with language more geared towards businesses. A draft of the new ToS can be found at
We are introducing new Premier Accounts that will have access to Operational Support, invoice-based billing, and allow companies to create as many applications as they need for $500 per account per month (plus usage fees). If you are interested in a Premier Account, please contact us at [email protected]

We will be moving to a new pricing structure that ensures ongoing support of App Engine. Details of the new structure can be found at This includes lowering the free quotas for all Apps. Almost all applications will be billed more under the new pricing. Once App Engine leaves preview this pricing will immediately go into effect, but we’ve done a few things to ease the transition:

If you sign up for billing or update your budget between now and October 31st we will give you a $50 credit.
In order to help you understand your future costs we are now providing a side by side comparison of your old bill to what your new bill would be. You can find these in your Admin Console under “Billing history” by clicking on any of your “Usage Reports”. Please review this information. It’s important that you study this projected billing and begin any application tuning that you want to be in effect prior to the new bill taking effect.
We have created an Optimization Article to help you determine how you could optimize your application to reduce your costs under the new model.
We have created a Billing FAQ based on the questions many of our customers have had about the new pricing model.
The new pricing model charges are based on the number of instances you have running. This is largely dictated by the App Engine Scheduler, but for Python we will not be supporting concurrent requests until Python 2.7 is live. Because of this, and to allow all developers to adjust to concurrent requests, we have reduced the price of all Frontend Instance Hours by 50% until November 20th.
Finally, if you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected]

In order to graduate from Preview status, we’ve made and continue to make large investments in platform features, scalability, and stability that your applications will benefit from. Thank you for your support, commitment, and feedback on App Engine as it has developed. We look forward to working with you for years to come!

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