How do I get rid of the “left rounded outline” in joolma 1.5

如何去除joolma 1.5 里的 “left rounded outline” 模板预览信息.

该原因是由于在切换了不同的template(模板) 后,又在模板里选择预览. 之后就发现, left rounded outline 的这样的模块预览信息一直会出现. 这个问题是由于缓存导致的, 解决的办法就是clean joolma cache. 如果不选择手动清除cache,则等到你设置的cache失效时间后, 也会自动消失.( cache默认设置的时间是15分钟).

This issue happened to me (in version 1.5) after switching to a different template under Template Manager and clicking on the Preview button from within the template. After that, I saw “left[rounded outline]” (along with other labels in different sections) on my front page no matter what template I used. To resolve the issue I turned off caching. So it seems that the template preview inserted these labels and they got cached in with the regular content. The “left[rounded outline]” probably would have gone away on it’s own after the 15 minute cache period was up. Also, you should be able to go to Tools > Clean Cache in the adminstration section to resolve the issue if you don’t want to disable caching.

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