All the online surveys are wack!

People want to earn money online, but it’s actually difficult to success. Most people can not get the survey points after complete them because of screen out myself, some are can not recive the check. But a little of them think that “there is an art to answering a survey for points!”. In summary , I think the online surveys are wack!

Said by inGEEnius:
Global Test Market is wack!
I took quite a number of surveys, quite a lot might I add just to get to the minimum $50 payout threshold I think.

Once I got to that threshold (took months @ only $1-2 per survey) I took all the normal avenues to claim my check. Needless to say my check never arrived!!! I was a bit angry at first but to be honest I just couldn’t be bothered chasing down that measly 50 bucks.

Still some of the claims of earning $15-25 per survey is way exaggerated!!! And if you have got/get these surveys, I can guarantee you that they will take a whole day to complete. I got a $15 or $25 dollar survey and guess how long it took… get ready for it… 3 DAYS!!! That thing was a monster!

My advice stay away from these online paid surveys. You will be working well below minimum wage x10! And then there’s the possibility of no recourse should you not receive your check. There is no return on investment (ROI) for the time you put in.

If you are looking for ways to make money online, you’re better of just starting a wordpress blog or something and writing useful/helpful tutorials, then generate money from it through advertising or something. You’ll earn a lot more than the pittance you slave for.

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