What is Psneuter?The exploit for android!

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What is psneuter? , It’s a little hard to explain what psneuter it was exactly, but if you’ve ever done rooting to your android mobile phone, then chances are you’ve run psneuter.

Lately a lot of people trying to rooting their android phones. To do this, there is a several way you can do. Generally, you can use software such as ‘UniversalAndroot’, ‘z4root’ or ‘SuperOneClick’

From some articles I have read, all three software actually uses the same concept in doing rooting. To make rooting, they will run the exploit program to gain access SuperUser.

So, what is psneuter? ,be patient, we will promptly answer it. To answer ‘what is psneuter?’ we need to know what is the exploit. From wikipedia, the exploit is a piece of software or sequence of commands That takes advantage of a bug, glitch or vulnerability is an order to attack computer software.

If you go back to the question at the beginning, “what is psneuter?” then we can answer psneuter is one of the exploit program. psneuter using android bug to gain SuperUser access. If successful, they will put the file ‘superuser.apk’ and ‘su.apk’, both of these applications serves to provide access rights of an application. Another frequently used exploit programs are “rageagainsthecage” and “Gingerbreak”.

From the several forums that talk about rooting Android device, they suggest not using the exploit psneuter. Many people who say their android became hangs while doing the “Running psneuter ..”

But at least now you know what is psneuter actually

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