DokuWiki 不用数据库的简单wiki

不需要数据库, 适合开源项目, 小型网站建站, 还有插件支持, 有时候简单就是最好的.

Basic Features

Simple syntax
Unlimited page revisions
Recent changes
Colored side by side diff support
Uploading and embedding of images and other media
Customizable Interwiki links
Optional CamelCase support
Content can be categorized in namespaces, easily browsable through an automatic index
Configuring DokuWiki

High Usability

Section Editing allows editing of small parts of a page
Toolbar and accesskeys make editing easy for both beginners and professionals
Easy navigation through breadcrumbs
Automatic table of contents generation
Locking to avoid edit conflicts
Automatic save to avoid content lost during editing

Access Control and Anti-Spam Measures

Simple support for read only pages
Extended Access Control Lists
Spam blacklist
Delayed Indexing
Mail address obfuscation and rel=nofollow support


Support for over 50 languages
Full UTF-8 support
Romanization support for nicer URLs
Optional automatic plural linking for English wikis


Index-based fast fulltext search
Pagecaching for quicker rendering
Ajax-enhanced interface


Layout customizable through templates (over 80 already available)
Features can be extended through plugins (over 750 already available)
Great support from the community if you ever need help

Easy Integration

No database required, it uses plain text files
Syndication of recent changes as RSS or ATOM feeds
Authentication Backends for integrating with LDAP, MySQL, Postgres and others
Open Source and well documented source code…
and many more …

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