qark android 代码安全审计

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1. 下载源代码

git clone

2. 安装, 首先您需要安装了python2.7 + 的环境

3. sudo /usr/local/bin/python install

setup为qark中的 安装脚本

4. 如果提示需要升级python的一些类库, 需要提前升级好。

5. 安装成功后就可以进行代码审计了。

python –source 1 –pathtoapk /tmp/test.apk –exploit 0 –install 0

备注: 您需要安装android sdk, 如果你已经有android sdk ,则直接指定目录即可。

Updated config value:: rootDir /home/test/software/qark-latest/qark/qark
INFO – Initializing…

Certain functionalities in QARK rely on using Android SDK. You may have an existing Android SDK on your system that you may want to use.
If not, QARK makes it easier for you to download the required components from Android SDK, automatically. If you select “n” to the following option, you would be asked to provide a location to the Android SDK manually.
It is recommended that you let QARK download and setup Android SDK. This will not affect any existing Android SDK setup you may have on your system.

Do you want QARK to download and set up Android SDK?[y/n] :n
Please enter the fullpath to your Android SDK root directory:/home/test/software/qark/android-sdk_r24.3.4-linux
ERROR – That doesnt seem to be the root directory of Android SDK. Please try again.

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